The Binary Era


Efficiency, Conformity, and the Presiden't Rule

Society had split into factions. Governments were dismantled.  Nuclear war broke out, and the human race was decimated. The ones with the power, the ones with the bombs, the ones with the privilege – they thought they won. These powers took over a newly-weakened population, and devoted their efforts toward EFFICIENCY, claiming this would protect the earth from war, scarcity, and extinction. Diversity and originality were blamed. After all, diverse minds have opinions. Opinions create dissent. The ones in power elected “the perfect human” to lead their world, their nation, toward maximum efficiency.

The President banished anyone who was deemed “different.” Where did they go? It was a mystery to everyone but him. The people who aligned with his expectations were forced to work in service of the nation, suppress emotion, and obey, no matter what.

I. Art and music was banned.
II. All colors besides black and white were banned.
III. Gender was restricted to man or woman.
IV. Women were to be obedient and feminine. Men were to be leaders, masculine.
V. Men were to be with women and women with men, only.
VI. Love is inefficient. Repopulation is the only priority in couplings.

This time is now known as the Binary Era, which demonized differences and exalted efficiency.


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